Dig devices

We are importers of high quality buckets for all types and brands of machines suitable for bulldozers, small and large excavators, tractors, fadroms, etc.. the offered sizes and types of buckets are the most various, including universal, lattice, trapezoidal and other types of buckets.

We also offer knives for oars and buckets, benchmarks and protective "shoes" for them, grapple devices, bucket teeth and adapters to them, innovative "shoes" with high durability, prolonging the life of the bucket teeth. Our products are suitable, as for original buckets from official manufacturers, and for various aftermarket ones.

In addition to our entire portfolio, we also offer nozzles for asphalt scraping machines, concrete and hard soils. Our nozzles have the highest rigidity on the market with dimensions of 11 to 25 mm and the corresponding holders to them.

We also offer a variety of protectors for buckets and oars - corner, side protectors, buttons, side cutters for buckets and oars.

Attachment devices for quickly changing buckets and rakes for machines from 0.6 to 10 tons, which guarantee trouble-free and fast change of buckets without delay of the work process.