"Remont Chain Machines" enterprise was established in 1983 year, as part of the Economic Mining Energy Combine (Smek) "Maritsa Iztok" with the main task of repair and service of the bulldozer park with a capacity of over 200 k.s.

Through 1999 G. the enterprise was removed from the composition of "Maritsa Iztok" EAD as an independent EOOD with 100% state participation.

Through 2003 Mr., as a result of a privatization deal, company EFIR acquires 100% owned by "Remont Verizhni Mashini" EOOD. As a consequence of this, EFIR company undertakes improvement and optimization of work processes, modernization of the base and additional professional training of employees, most of which are with 20 years of experience in complete restoration of chain machines from various manufacturers.

Today EFIR RVM (EFIR - Remont Verizhni Mashini EOOD) is one of the largest enterprises in Bulgaria, dealing in complete repairs and recycling of construction and heavy tracked equipment, as well as with the supply of spare parts for it. The company has two repair bases:

Thanks to nad 20 years of partnership, EFIR RVM is an official representative of the leading concern for the production of spare parts for construction, mining and agricultural machinery in the world – USCO S.p.A. The multinational company has a huge portfolio of different brands, who specialize in manufacturing various parts: running elements for chain machinery; rubber tracks for mini excavators; tires for construction and mining machinery; aluminum loading ramps; engine parts, transmissions etc.; hydraulic hammers, tweezers, scissors; diesel and AdBlue tanks; teeth and dental systems; buckets for excavators; seals; crawler chassis and others. For more information you can visit: https://www.usco.it/en/ . Part of the brands owned by USCO S.p.A. with, as follows: