Cleaning of DPF filters

EFIR RVM company has modern equipment for cleaning and drying DPF (DPF) and FAP (FAP) filters and catalytic converters for cars, buses, trucks, construction, mining and agricultural machinery.

We clean the particulate filters and catalysts, using state-of-the-art technology, as well as specially developed preparations, environmentally friendly.

The machines, that we have, have been developed for all types of DPF and FAP filters, regardless of their size, manufacturer and application.

All filters undergo a primary physical test and inspection for damage, which would hinder cleaning. After the review, solid particle filters are subject to machine cleaning with professional detergents. The machine cleaning procedure follows predefined cleaning phases, which can be repeated until an excellent final result is obtained. The desired and achieved final effect is a cleaned DPF filter or catalyst, whose ceramic tiles or channels acquire permeability of 98% than that of a brand new filter.

An important stage of cleaning is drying after it. We have special equipment, which dries the filter after washing and makes it suitable for installation immediately afterwards. In the absence of such equipment, the machine, on which the cleaned DPF filter or catalytic converter is installed, has to go through a step-by-step forcing of the engine at certain revs for certain minutes - a process, which is complex and time consuming. With us, this service is offered as a free bonus to the DPF/FAP filter and catalytic converter cleaning.

Filters can be brought to our base in. Stara Zagora or to be sent by courier.