We now also offer rubber chains for all types of excavators, tractors, Bobcat-и, drilling machines, mini excavators and diggers up to 16 tons. The choice of sizes for rubber chains is rich - from 130 mm. to 800 mm. Along with them, we also offer all the adjacent parts - cogs, rollers, sloths, tensioners, etc..

Another new product in our portfolio are the rubber pads for steel chains, which allow the machine to move on finer surfaces (asphalt / concrete) without hurting them. High quality pads, which we offer, are suitable for machines up to 25 tons and are different ways of installation - through bolts or with clips / teeth. These types of pads are suitable, as for all common types of machines, and for the specialized, such as: Bitelli, Vogelle, Wirtgen, teen, Dynapac, Marini and others.